Talangjakten 2013

Please keep following my competition preparations for Fitnessfestivalen as a member of Talangjakten 2013 on:






One of my favourite between meal snacks (what you swedes call “mellanmål”) is cottage cheese. One single bucket contains over 60 grams of high quality protein and almost no fat. It’s really convenient too, you can just spoon it direct from the bucket when you are on the run.  I translated the word “cottage cheese” to Swedish and it said “stuga-keso”, so that’s what I’m gonna call it from now on. So don’t forget to bring your Stuga-keso!




The feeling after your workout!

Earlier today, my shoulder workout was a success! And this BETTER BODIES training tank is a must have btw… It holds the “breast-esses” very well! LOL! heart  just saying.


Get yours today!



Then followed by an awesome lunch! This day couldn’t have been any


Flash NEWS!!!

After a FUN, SUPER, CRAZY BUSY 1st WEEK in Sweden EVER I’m excited to announce that i’ll be part of this years Talangjakten 2013 in Sweden. I will be competing in bikini fitness for my very first time!!! Talangjakten means Talent Hunt for those that don’t know… Its Sweden’s fitness competition where only 4 girls and 4 guys are chosen over a thousand applicants in Sweden. There will be different levels: bikini (ME!) body fitness, figure and bodybuilding. I want to thank everyone who wished me luck, advised me, counseled me and supported my decision! I love my team! We’re a great one! And we have some of the greatest sponsors on our team!!! Starting with Better Bodies! We have the greatest head man of Body.se Alex Danielsson as our manager and our awesome training coaches Fredrik Carlsson from ReForm Nutrition and Jannicka Larsson Fight Your Fight! Lets do this guys!


Post Exercise Fat Burning

So today I had an extra hard day at Ironsport gym training all major muscle groups. This is a strategy of mine if I know that I won’t be able to workout the next day. Working out major muscle groups (like legs, back and chest) increase the metabolism a lot and keep the body in a fat burning mode for a long time after the workout is finished (some studies report that it can be raised for as long as 48 hours).

AdrianaUSA 354

AdrianaUSA 333

AdrianaUSA 320

The pump you feel in your body after a workout like this is just amazing…

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

This quote is actually from one of the former Presidents in USA: John F. Kennedy. Undoubtedly, the presidents of the USA must be among the busiest people in the world. Nevertheless, they are known to work out much. They simply realized that in order to manage to work a lot, they also need a decent amount of physical exercise. Most people today do the exact opposite though, thus doing less when they have a lot of work to do, justifying this with the meaning  they don’t have time. What, they have less time than the U.S. President …???


BeFunky_gymonsdag 031.jpg

Oh the Hamstrings =0


Hamstring training is the one muscle group I must be patient with… Surely but slowly they will grow…

I will beat her


I was told I wouldn’t have a car to go to the gym. In times before I would make that an excuse to not go train. But this day I decided to workout at the comfort of my own home… It was cardio day so all I needed was my jump rope and floor to do crunches. Didn’t need the gym to accomplish this. This is constantly on my mind: “I will beat the old me. Never will I go back to her. The new me is strong and determined to accomplish all that is ahead of me…”